Office chairs going free to good homes

Office chairs going free to good homes

1st October 2020

If anyone is looking for a better office chair for their home office and is in a position to pop in and collect one/more from us, please do get in touch.

We are having a big clear out so there are lots of bits and pieces too, including magazine racks (great for stand-up filing, loved by small people at school/home, etc), some padded meeting chairs (charcoal), a black round meeting table, small desk & drawers (slightly battered!), and lots of grey metal filing cabinets - 2/3/4 drawer.

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New practice launches

New practice launches

15th June 2020

Congratulations to James Risk and colleagues on launching the Glasgow Equine Practice at the UofG Vet School this month.

We are delighted the new 1st opinion practice is starting out the very best way... with Eclipse, of course! Practice management, PACS and Mobile modules are fully configured, enabling Glasgow Equine to work smoothly with clients, whether on the yard or back at the practice.

James Risk - happy to be up & running!

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New phone system much easier for everyone

New phone system much easier for everyone

3rd June 2020

We hope you are all still keeping well and safe and that you have been enjoying your new 'locked down' life while the sun has been shining!

You can now reach us much more easily again by phone - please call either on 01799 532988 or 01799 531777.

The delightfully simple automated 'attendant' will ask you to pick 1 or 2. There is nothing further to worry about from here so please feel free to make a choice. Just press 1 to speak to any of the Eclipse team, or press 2 to speak to our non-veterinary IT company, Systems Support.

All the normal support services are available, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help. You can also email the whole Eclipse support team with a number to call you back if you have any difficulty.

Thank you for bearing with us while we got the new phone service in and running. I appreciate some days have not been ideal and we are very grateful for your cheerful good humour and patience when calling in.

We very much look forward to being allowed out to come and see you all properly again once the pandemic is past.

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Horos Mobile ™ a free Horos app for your iPad and iPhone

Horos Mobile ™ a free Horos app for your iPad and iPhone

14th February 2020

The new Horos Mobile ™ app is free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Key Features

  • Display large sets of images through an interactive slider
  • Supports the same file types as Horos desktop (including JPEG/JPEG2000)
  • Adjust WW/WL with one-finger drag
  • Zoom and Pan images using two-finger drag
  • Draw Line Measurement with one finger
  • ROI measurement that can be drawn and moved with your finger or Apple Pen™
  • Magnifying Glass (one finger)
  • On-screen annotations (toggle)
  • On-screen navigation controls (toggle)
  • WW/WL presets

Visit the Horos web site to learn more and to see a video tutorial for getting started

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