With the sale of Newnham Court Equine and separation of the equine clinic from a large mixed practice, we wanted a system tailored specifically to the demands of equine practice. This meant a system that worked for both ambulatory vets on the road as well as a busy hospital. Whilst we are still very much in the early stages, it is clear to see that Eclipse will save an enormous amount of time, improve efficiency, so improving staff wellbeing and stress, improve accounting and debt control and provide valuable access to all data out of hours, as well as provide useful reporting for targeting areas of performance. We have been bowled over by the kind, friendly, caring and professional support of all the team at Eclipse, in particular, Jeanne and Polly, and couldn’t have asked for a more helpful group of people to steer us through a difficult transition. I wholeheartedly recommend this system and the support provided, to all equine practices.

Katie Snalune BSc MA VetMB Cert EM(Int.Med.) Cert ES(Soft Tissue) MRCVS
RCVS, Approved Advanced Practitioner in Equine Internal Medicine and Equine Soft Tissue Surgery - Director and Head of Hospital, Newnham Court Equine, Maidstone, Kent

"We switched to Eclipse because we were after a practice management system that offered us increased functionality in all aspects of equine practice; reception team, hospital in patients, vets out on the road, stock control, accounts and debt. So far it has delivered this in every way and we are thrilled with the phenomenal amount of time it has saved us and increased efficiency now recognized throughout the practice. Couple this with fantastic support from the Eclipse team and we are just frustrated we did not make the move sooner."

Rachel Atherton BVSc MS DipACVIM MRCVS,
Lingfield Equine Vets

"Essentially, all the new users are delighted with (Eclipse Mobile), they have found it to saves them time, improves efficiency, improves the quality of information and therefore service we can provide our clients and generally reduces stress levels all-round which is an excellent result."

Julian Samuelson MA VetMB MRCVS,
Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic

I think Eclipse is much the best practice management system, and it was my job to source the new system so I have looked at most of them. It is the only one with sufficient complexity of the diary to cope with equine practice, and with genuine integration of laboratory and imaging data. It is highly mobile, you can run it via VPN at home. (I did a lot of work researching numbers of cases etc when I was in Moscow in McDonalds on the free wifi just over the road from the outrageously expensive hotel!). I am sure it would run fine through a laptop with tethering to an iPhone on 3G - but it wouldn't run on slower links.

Bruce Bladon BVM&S Cert EP DESTS Dipl ECVS MRCVS,
Donnington Grove Veterinary Group

Sarah today again expressed her thanks for the speed increase you have given to the images being processed from the CT scanner.

Sarah says that in the time from them completing the imaging processing and sending to Eclipse, to getting the horse in the box to her returning to the Mac Pro to look at the images, Eclipse had processed them all and they were already waiting in OsiriX for her to review.

Sarah Powell MA, VetMB, AECVDI, MRCVS,
Rossdales Equine Hospital

Julian Samuelson

Bruce Bladon

Sarah Powell